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    SEA Rebellion 3/2/10



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    SEA Rebellion 3/2/10

    Post by jmfactor on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:52 pm

    part 1-

    part 2-

    part 3-

    match card

    SEA Television Championship
    Wan Fei Han vs Minato Arisato(champion)

    Rei Kurosawa vs Lucy

    The Second Trial of Reiko Hinomoto
    Reiko Hinomoto vs Mokoto Aihara

    Sai vs SEA Legend(who could it be)

    #1 contendership for the tag team championship part 1
    California(Mike Kash/Ralph Jones) vs The Agency(Matt Redding/Nathan Scott)

    #1 contendership for the SEA Womans Television Championship
    Yukiko Amagi(Rebellion) vs Mayu(Collective) vs Aigis

    Old School Match
    Mat Classic vs The Patriot

    Teddie vs Dominator

    SEA Extreme Rules KO only
    Noble Rose(Fujiko Hinomoto) vs Rowdy Reiko

    what could happen in this action packed episode of rebellion

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