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    Rowdy Reiko



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    Rowdy Reiko

    Post by jmfactor on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:54 pm

    Rowdy Reiko 2010 formula

    hair-1/76- x:83,y:-53,-15,-100

    marks/scars-10/19 1st style








    tattod back-19/24-white largest vertical 2nd horizontal

    same for cinematic and entrance

    vs scrren-6/9

    name-Rowdy Reiko

    nickname-queen cobra

    abbreviated name same

    audio name-hardcore icon

    hometown -japan

    weight class- 180lbs

    crowd reaction-boo

    show-free agent

    entrance-superstar 19
    champion entrance- superstar 19

    created finishers

    sunset driver
    powerbomb clutch 2+angry cutthroat gesture+pedigree clutch+doublearm facebuster clutch+dragon wings impact

    fallen angel-take off 1(speed 100)+dive 14(middle)+dive 14(middle)+descent 6(near low)+finish 6(speed 150%)

    abilities-pull-back,exploder tb attack,referee shield,dirty pin,springboard dives,outside dives

    ring in/out-normal ring in 1,slide ring out

    apron ring in/out-jumping ring in 3,normal ringout 2

    apron ringside in/out-normal o the apron 1,normal apron out 2

    taunts-buzzsaw 1,undertaker 1,texas 1,ecw 2


    strikes-boxing straight punch,throat thrust 7,double palm strike,spinning kick 3,clothesline 1

    kick reversal-reversal windmill,reversal sweep,reversal leg lace,reversal mule kick 1

    quick grapple
    arm wrench kick & punch
    boxing combination jab
    nose clip 1
    fury punch 1

    quick grapple from behind
    head smasher
    one hand bulldog
    back rake 1
    bull dog 3

    royal rumble quick grapple
    low kick 2
    push it
    high kick
    back chop 6

    standing grapple
    collar & elbow
    grapple knee strike
    sleeper hold
    backbreaker 12
    victory roll pin 2
    tigerbomb 1
    back wheel trip

    side headlock
    grapple eye rake
    abdominal stretch
    belly to belly 4
    texas piledriver
    swing neckbreaker 2
    t-bone suplex 4

    wrist lock
    grapple elbow smash 1
    walls of jericho 1
    armbar 2
    super neckbreaker pin
    boxing hook 3
    french tko

    rear waist lock
    grapple elbow smash 3
    full nelson
    osaka street cutter
    forward russian leg sweep
    full nelson slam 3

    ground facing up
    choke 2
    shooting star splash
    boxing get up

    ground facing down
    wrestling rolling
    calf stomp 1

    submission grab
    triangle hold
    camel clutch 3

    submission match
    dragon sleeper
    glam slam
    hell's gate

    corner strike
    handspring to kick
    shining wizard combo 1
    dropkick to groin

    corner grab
    whisper in the wind
    super tigerbomb
    boxing corner body blow

    corner back grab
    neckbreker 11
    boxing corner kidney blow
    snake eyes
    toss into ring post

    sitting corner grab
    runing face wash

    groggy on ropes
    rope choke

    springboard attack
    lionsault 1

    outside springboard attacks
    springboard senton 1

    out of ring dive attack (run)
    rope flip 2

    apron strikes
    punch to ring
    axe handle to rinside

    springboard attacks
    tope atomico 2
    slingshot body splash 2

    apron grab
    apron hotshot
    apron hotshot 2
    apron facelock
    apron pulling down
    apron low blow

    apron running
    apron clothesline
    apron running elbow

    diving vs standing
    diving cross body 2
    diving double axe handle

    diving vs downed
    houston hang over
    diving senton bomb

    running strike
    running calf kick
    front flip heelkick

    running grab
    buzzsaw quick kick
    shining wizard 5

    runing back grab
    bulldog 3

    irish whip rebound
    corkscrew calfkick
    belly to belly 3
    arm drag 8
    reversal throat thrust

    pull back
    pull back kitchen sink
    pull back drop toe hold

    back stabber
    tigerbomb 3

    sunset driver
    fallen angel

    royal rumble finishers
    huricanrana 12
    somoan drop 5
    clothesline 26
    codebreaker 3

    music-junction rainy blue

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