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    CAW Destruction Derby


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    CAW Destruction Derby

    Post by KeiroStarr on Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:29 am

    CAW Destruction Derby II
    Braehead Arena
    Glasgow, Scotland

    CAW Destruction Derby is back by popular demand! Last year, new
    champions where crowned, duel saying "only gets a two" after a
    submission hold & Broly & Godzilla bringing down the house in
    the last XWD Heavyweight title match. This year will will be no
    different...Only being more awesome!

    Guidelines: (Kinda took them from CAW Destiny and added a few of my own)

    * The deadline for announcing matches is March 5th.
    * Matches MUST be sent to me no later than on March 21th. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    * Match length: 5, 8 or 10 Minutes for regular matches, 15 Minutes for
    gimmick matches & 15 or 20 mins for world title matches, INCLUDING
    entrances. Some leeway will be granted for main events.
    * Notes on the match must be sent to me aswell (PM only).
    * If a gimmick match is already taken, do something else.
    * Match order will be determined by me in an unbiased manner. Whatever the hell unbiased means lol.
    * Have the matches done in the Royal Rumble Arena.
    * Do not commentate your matches. We will have our own.
    * If you use a cam for your league, PLEASE do some quality control! Make sure it's watchable.
    * The event will hopfully be posted in late March/early April. We don't
    want this event to clash with CAW Destiny now would we.
    * Have fun!

    Pre-Show?: ???
    Part 1: ???
    Part 2: ???
    Part 3: L.T
    Part 4: UT

    (Order undetermined; Main Events TBA)

    DMW: Original
    PWH World Championship
    Shadowstarr©️ vs. the winner of the gauntlet match on DMW BurnOut show 30
    Note: This will be the last time the PWH World title will be defended in DMW

    *RFW 2nd Brand
    RFW Developmental Championship
    Triple Threat match
    The Prince of Persia vs. RFW Super Mega Awesome Champion Kazuya Mishima vs. Dark Link

    NGW World Heavyweight Championship
    Hell in a Cell match
    Sephiroth vs. Godzilla©️

    PAWL World Championship
    Ladder Match
    Seto Kaiba vs. Sora©️

    HSW Championship
    Strongbad ©️ vs. either AKi-Man or Rugal Bernstein

    Clash of the Titanimals!!
    (Extreme Rules Match)
    Brian James vs. Big "Bad" Sky

    The first ever Cluster Fuck match for the BSP Undisputed Championship
    Big Sky v Duel v JT Star v Zero v Viper©️

    RFW World Championship Match
    Johnny Bravo©️ vs. Dexter

    Cage Match
    "The Cursed Wizard" Saji Genpou vs. ???

    One on one Elimination Chamber match
    Batman vs. Superman

    PWH Rising Phoenix Championship
    Big J vs. James Darklight

    Fight without Honor
    Storm Peters Vs Axel Stone


    Tyrone Biggums vs. Sam Nathan Gregory

    Matches in Reserve:
    Rock Hardy (c) vs Akito Tenkawa vs Sokka vs "The Drug" Duncan Smith
    Trip to Oblivion Match for the Hyper Dimension Title


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