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    TNA MAXIMUM iMPACT Results!!! (01/30: Live from Wembley Arena)


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    TNA MAXIMUM iMPACT Results!!! (01/30: Live from Wembley Arena)

    Post by KeiroStarr on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:02 pm

    Thanks to Matt Waters for sending in this live report:

    Attended the show last night and got pretty decent seats so was
    naturally blown away at how close I was to the action. Attendance
    seemed lower than the record setting event last January in Wembley at
    first but after a while it seemed to be virtually full so I'd guess
    they matched or beat that record.

    JB warmed the crowd up as per
    usual and remarked on how he only broke out the suit and tie for
    Wembley. Haven't seen him on the other stops of the tour so don't know
    how much truth there is to that.

    The Beautiful People beat Taylor Wilde & Sarita w/ Hamada as the guest referee
    If you think these girls are hot on TV you won't believe them in the
    flesh. Taylor's gotten so much better in the ring in the last year or
    so, I saw her team with ODB last January and she was a bit botchy. Nice
    little opener which saw Velvet spray perfume in Taylor's eyes behind
    Hamada's back and then get the pin.

    - After the match the
    Beautiful People continued the beat-down until Hamada attacked them but
    they got the better of her until the Wilde & Sarita recovered and
    threw them out of the ring. Hamada and the other two then celebrated.
    Beautiful People actually got a lot of cheers but based on their
    appearance rather than their skill.

    - Some fans chanted "We love
    Velvet" which prompted Madison to reply "she doesn't care." I guess
    that's what it's like hitting on Velvet in a bar.

    Earl Hebner was introduced as the ref for the next match which got the standard You Screwed Bret chants.

    Desmond Wolfe beat The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
    Pope got cheered as a face during his entrance but Wolfe got a huge pop
    during his and Pope was the heel for the whole match. Wolfe is a
    ridiculously good ring technician and I personally got a rush seeing
    the man that had such a rivalry with Bryan Danielson in ROH up close.
    Desmond won with the Tower of London after a really good match which
    saw Pope twice escape the London Dungeon.

    - During his entrance
    Wolfe put his shades on Hebner and then do the old Bret Hart taunt
    which got a laugh but Hebner didn't react. Lots of England and Who Are
    Ya? chants throughout. Pope went to give his towel to a girl in the
    audience afterwards but then snatched it away and left.

    Samoa Joe & Hernandez beat Eric Young & Rhino
    Rhino is huge for his height and Hernandez looks like he could bench
    press an adult man. Really fun match with Joe mocking E.Y. and playing
    to the fans. Both Joe & Hernandez did dives to the outside which
    got a huge reaction. I don't recall Rhino hitting a signature move as
    the heels stomped and punched their way through until Joe cleaned house
    and beat EY with the Muscle Buster. Lots of celebrating afterward.

    Beer Money beat The British Invasion & Team 3D in a 3-Team Tag Match
    Brutus & Rob tagged up here as Doug was to defend the X-Title later
    on. It's weird seeing Rob Terry with a belt and as my buddy and I said
    several times throughout the match the man is an animal. Easily the
    largest guy I've seen in person. They actually got a bit of a cheer
    until Beer Money did the same backstage pass bit they've been doing
    throughout the tour. Brutus and Rob snatched the passes and tore them
    up but left one which they said they were going to give to England
    football captain John Terry (no relation of course) who had been in the
    news that day for a scandal so that got some heel heat. Team 3D then
    came out and the match started.

    - This was basically 4 on 2 as
    Beer Money and Team 3D barely interacted. Brutus was still doing the
    Gladiator gimmick last time I saw him so he's definitely improved. Rob
    Terry isn't as bad in the ring as people make out, but the fact he was
    one of 6 instead of one of 2 probably helped. He actually busted out a
    jumping roundhouse kick like Booker T used to do at one point which got
    cheers. Beer Money eventually won with the D.W.I. on Magnus.

    After the match Terry attacked so 3D put him through a table. They then
    put Beer Money over as the future of tag teams and did the usual
    picking a kid from the crowd to come in the ring and give a piece of
    the table to. I swear it was the same boy as last January, definitely
    the same name. He had a sign that said Team 3D Number 1 fan and
    actually had Team 3D shaved into the back of his head. He got booed
    last year but got cheers this time.

    We then went to intermission and they hyped Ultimate X as being up next.

    Doug Williams retained the X-Divison Title in an Ultimate X match
    (also including Amazing Red, Suicide, Chris Sabin & Daniels)
    Doug wasn't booed once to my recollection. In fact all five guys got
    cheers, even though Daniels looked like he didn't want them. Shame
    Shelley's injured but Sabin took part in a lot of big spots so that
    made up for it. He and Red took a scary spill from the ring but I don't
    think either was hurt. Suicide won my friend over because he's actually
    pretty good if you look past the initial sillyness of the gimmick. Doug
    did a suicide dive and hung in there with everyone so anyone
    questioning his status as an X-Division wrestler I think he'll prove
    you wrong. Chaos Theory is a sickeningly good move.

    - Suicide
    and Daniels did almost all the cable work while Red & Sabin did the
    springboard and diving spots. Worked pretty well. At one point Daniels
    was climbing the cable and Suicide springboarded up and grabbed onto
    the same cable in front of him which made everyone laugh. He ended up
    hitting an ace crusher/cutter from the cables on Daniels. The two found
    themselves on top of the metal structure at the end and everyone was
    holding their breath as Suicide got him up for a suplex and turned him
    all the way around before sitting him back down. His life was in
    Suicide's hands there. Daniels went for Angels Wings but ended up
    taking a body slam on the metal. Ouch.

    - Doug then climbed up
    and took the belt as Suicide reached down to try and stop him but ended
    up falling. Daniels stayed up top for a pretty long time and looked
    like he almost fell as he was climbing down. Phenomenal match and I
    applaud the hell out of them for doing it without a TV or PPV audience.
    Easily the match of the night and got the most cheers.

    brought Dixie Carter to the ring and she thanked us all whilst a
    cameraman got some footage of her and the crowd. Some idiots near me
    were actually flipping her off for some reason. She then introduced AJ
    Styles and told him he'd defend the title tonight and told Hebner to
    leave after his actions last time. She brought Angle out and he got an
    insanely big pop.

    AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle to retain the World Heavyweight Title.
    Kurt does not look well. I mean he performs to an amazing degree but he
    just looks so beaten down. He seems to be unable to raise his neck
    above a certain level and just has that look about him that shows he's
    taken some punishment in his time. AJ lives up to his nickname of
    Phenomenal and the two put on one of the best one on one house show
    matches you could ever hope to see. Angle's suplexes are immense.

    AJ used the Figure Four, did a flip dive to the outside, hit two Styles
    Clashes and an Angle Slam but couldn't beat Kurt. Angle made his
    comeback and hit multiple German suplexes, the Angle Slam, locked in
    the Ankle Lock and a running super belly to belly suplex.

    Finish came when AJ hit a springboard attack on Angle and his legs hit
    Slick Johnson. He hit Angle with the title belt and Hebner ran in but
    Angle kicked out. AJ went up top but Angle ran up and hit a super Angle
    Slam. Hebner made a really slow count which let AJ kick out. Angle
    punched Hebner and locked in the Ankle Lock but then got a low blow by
    Styles. In a finish that didn't seem safe for someone like Kurt but
    looked awesome, Styles hit a brainbuster on the belt and Slick
    recovered to count the three.

    After the match Styles got in
    Angle's face and laughed but got hit with a Styles Clash onto the belt.
    Angle celebrated and AJ left. Kurt then called Dixie to the ring,
    thanked her and the fans, said he loved her, gave her a kiss on the
    cheek and called the TNA roster to the ring for some beers. Of course
    only the faces (minus Wolfe) came out, but it was still cool seeing
    them all there in street clothes enjoying themselves.

    Overall a
    really great show. I've now been to 2 Raws and a Smackdown house show
    and three TNA events and every single time TNA was more enjoyable. I
    got better seats at a lower price and saw a better show, what more
    could you want?

    Funny Moment of the Night for me goes to Suicide
    taking a beer and looking puzzled. He managed to drink about half of it
    by getting it to soak through the mouth section of his mask but it was
    pretty funny seeing a masked wrestler trying to drink a beer.

    Biggest Pops
    1. A Table. Yes, an inanimate object got the biggest pop.
    2. Kurt Angle
    3. Beer Money
    4. Samoa Joe
    5. Everyone in Ultimate X

    Biggest Heat
    1. The Pope
    2. Earl Hebner
    3. AJ Styles (only when using heel tactics, he got face pops the rest of the time)
    4. Eric Young
    5. Brutus & Rob after their entrances.

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