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    ROH Results: March 26


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    ROH Results: March 26

    Post by KeiroStarr on Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:39 pm

    Six Man Mayhem
    Colt Cabana defeated Johnny Goodtime, Rasche Brown, Joey Ryan, Daivari,
    Crowd popped huge for Tornado, despite losing the fro. This is what
    you'd expect: a cool little spotfest to get the crowd hot.

    The Kings Of Wrestling defeated Scorpio Sky and Scott Lost via pinfall.
    They gave this match a lot more time than I thought they would. It was
    pretty good action overall with KOW getting some really impressive spots
    in. They are WAAAY over.

    Alex Kozlov defeated Rocky Romero after he countered Rocky's top rope
    armbar move into a pin.
    Really good match. The crowd was mostly behind Mr. Azucar himself,
    Rocky Romero. There wasn't a lot of downtime during the match. They
    just kept bringing the action. Kozlov hit a dive into the crowd. Plus,
    the ending of the match was something else to watch.

    Kevin Steen defeated Kenny Omega in an AWESOME match. They gave this a
    good 15-20 minutes and Steen heeled it up big time. There was some
    hard-hitting shit during this match and some very convincing nearfalls.

    Steve Corino defeated El Generico via pinfall after Steen distracted
    Generico. Just an average match. The highlights included Steve Corino
    being an awesome heel and Generico hitting his coast-to-coast somersault
    dropkick. Not much else to it.

    Necro Butcher defeated Bison Smith via forfeit? They fought through the
    crowd and Prince Nana demanded that Bison leave and fight another day.
    Oooookay. Blah match.

    Tyler Black defeated Austin Aries in part 1 of his Gauntlet Challenge.
    This whole gauntlet thing turned out waaaay better than I expected.
    Aries came out with Tammy Sytch. She ended up being more of a
    distraction during the match. Too bad too. Match was actually really
    good with some good back and forth action.

    Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Black in part 2 of Tyler's Gauntlet
    Challenge. More good back and forth action from both men. Roddy wins
    with the Gibson Driver.

    Jerry Lynn defeated Kenny King in a No DQ match. They used tables, a
    ladder, and some chairs. Lynn used some of his old school ECW spots on
    King while King used his athleticism to make some creative spots. they
    had to improvise the finish as the table didn't break on Lynn's sunset
    flip powerbomb. So he had to hit the cradle piledriver on the kinda
    sorta half broken table.

    The Briscoes defeated The American Wolves to retain the ROH World Tag
    Team Titles in the Match of the goddamn Night. 25+ minutes of tag team
    greatness. This is the formula to follow if you want to get a crowd on
    their feet.

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